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please register on new page!!!
Thank you, Your BoM team!

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here they can registration announce themselves
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23.12.2008 11:14 answer
Hello Friends!

We moved to new webpage.

If you registred on new page, i will put in all
your user-datas, number of written articles will not lost.

The "old" forum content is not exported, but
nothing will lost. All contents saved!
If you miss somethings from "old" forum, tell
me and i will import it in "new" forum.

If you have any questions or need support please tell me
via PrivatMail here or post it in this thread.

We hope to see you all.


articles: 1.815

05.04.2009 18:43
RE: answer

Unfortunately, at the moment the side is down,
because there are problems with the Webhoster.
We work on it and hope that the side fast as
possible is accessible.

We apologise for any inconvenience.
Thank you!

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